Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter from Michael

Hello Wonderful Family,

So I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful letters. It's really nice to go to the mail box and see something in it for me. The MTC is a grand experience. There isn't a whole lot that is different than the last time I wrote you. I'm currently making a scripture case out of Gorilla Tape. It actually doesn't look half bad. So I have met a lot of cool elders with some pretty awesome stories. We have this one elder that is in our zone and we were doing a mock investigator meeting, and he was asked how he knew that families can be together forever. This five foot nothing elder stood up, buttoned his suit, and said this:
  • " Last year I was in a car accident. My brother was the driver. We were going down the interstate and he lost control on some black ice. The car rolled so many times I couldn't tell if I was upsidedown or rightside up when I woke up. I just remember looking over to see my brother there in the front seat motionless and bleeding. I was screaming John John wake up and to my disappointment he didn't come out of it. I remember getting pulled out of the car and being put in the abulance, the whole time asking if my older brother was okay. They wouldn't tell me anything, just kept asking me if I was okay. Then I blacked out again. I woke up in the hospital bed. My brother wasn't next to me. I found out later that day that he had been pronounced dead at the scene. I didn't want to believe anything they were saying. I just kept telling myself that they were lying to me. Loosing my brother would have been hard enough, but it was what was happening in the car that I regret or lament the most. I had decided not to go on my mission. My brother and I were butting heads about the church and I told him that I hated the church and I hated him for trying to run my life. Then he was gone. So my answer to you is yes, yes I know that we can be with our families forever. It isn't possible that God would let my mom suffer the loss of a son in this life, if she wasn't going to see him again. I testify to you that that is true. I testify to you that that is why I'm here on my mission. To let the world know that families are the most important thing you have."
I just thought that was the most powerful testimony and I wanted to share that with you all. I want you to know that I love you guys and I'll send you another letter next Prep day (THURS.).

Elder McNinch