Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 5, 2011 Letter


This week was an interesting one for Elder Jones and I. It has now rained for 3 days straight. Makes tracting super fun. Other than that everything else has been pretty typical. We have some really exciting news that I will have to address at the end of my letter.
We had heard from some youth in the ward, as well as missionaries in Prosper, that there was a kid who lived in the ward boundaries that wanted to take the discussions. The kid's name is Hunter Lions. His father is getting baptized in one of the Prosper wards. His lives with his mother in our boundaries. The only problem with this wonderful referral was that we had no idea where he lived. No one did. The Elders in Prosper tried to talk to the dad about it, but he never told them. So we said, what the heck...we'll find him ourselves. So we had heard from a kid in the ward that he lived behind some apartments on the very east part of our area. We have tracted there about a billion times before. We have talked to everyone on every street in that neighborhood. Well, we decided that it was our best bet and that we should just tract it all out anyway. We said a prayer and just asked that we be able to find Hunter. That's when it started to pour. No lie, I had no sooner ended the prayer when thunder crashed and big ol' fat rain started coming in sideways. ("Sting-ing rain, big ol' fat rain, rain that flew in sideways, and rain that even seemed to come up from the ground!") We decided to push through it, hoping the Lord would answer our prayer. After about the first three doors slamming in our face and watching a hawk fly down and take out this squirrel about 10 feet away from me we came to the fourth house. Knocked on the door, soaking wet, shoes filled with water, kid comes to the door and the first thing that my companion says is, "Please say that you're Hunter!" Ha ha ha. He said, "Well yeah I am Hunter. Hunter Lions." So we found Hunter, exchanged information, and set up a lesson schedule. It was great. We decided that we should tract the rest of the street because it would be a wasted to just tract 4 houses of a street. Well...we should have quit while we were ahead. Not a single person after that answered the door. Ha ha ha good times on the mission.

So last week on Preparation Day I almost broke my ankle. I rolled it again. Really bad. I had to go and get it x-rayed it was so bad. The doctor said that the only reason that I didn't break it was because I had rolled it 4 months ago and the ligaments were already stretched. I felt like the cowardly lion calling Sister Durrant up to tell her that I had rolled it again. She didn't even have to ask what I was doing. She just simply asked, "Elder McNinch, what did you learn from this?" I really had nothing to say. I just kind of sighed and hummed on the other end of the phone for awhile and then she said, "Now Elder McNinch, I would hope that you won't be back out on that basketball court anytime soon." I said, "Yeah it'll probably be awhile before I can get back out there." She said, "And by awhile you mean when you get home off your mission, right?" "I...uhh...I guess...yeah...that's what I meant." "Good. Thank you so much for calling and I hope that you all have a great day." Ha ha ha. Yeah so definitely got banned from playing basketball for the rest of my mission. Sad days.

These next weeks are going to be awesome! This is the exciting news that I was waiting to tell you about. Drum roll please?!?! We get to have a Christmas party as a mission on the 23rd of December; AND on the 30th when BYU comes to play in the bowl game at SMU we get to go!!! Y'all will see me on TV! Ha ha ha my companion and I are so excited. It'll be great. So watch for me at the game. I'll be the one in white shirt and tie with a sign. (good luck)

Isn't Sister Hermansen's daughter like 12. Umm...yeah...that's kind of weird. Glad to hear that Dad got a new car. That must be nice. It doesn't smell like smoke like the last one does it? Don't worry about my transportation when I get home. Elder Sinclair says that he has an extra 1980's moped that he and I will fix up for me. It'll be great. Alright well I got to go. Hope that you have an awesome week and I love y'all very much.

-Elder McNinch