Friday, July 6, 2012

July 2, 2012 Letter name is still Elder McNinch,
This week sounds like it was a lot of fun for you guys. This week was pretty good for me as well. I am happy to report that all of the biking was not in vain. We now drive one of the four trucks that are in the mission! It is a beautiful thing! Anyways, this past week was a little crazy. We had to move out of the McDonald's house temporarily because they are having that family reunion, so we are now residing at the Branch President's house. Boy oh boy do we love it there. Sister Schwerin (Branch President's wife) is probably one of the kindest ladies that you'll ever meet. She also loves to share...everything. I think that I have eaten more food in the 4 days than I did all last week. That includes all of fast Sunday as well. on to cool things that happened this week.
We were out tracting in the boonies on Wednesday when we came to this really run down house. We saw a bunch of tv's sitting out on the front porch and thought, "Hey, our investigator's tv just broke. I wonder if this guy is going to give those tv's away." So we went up to talk to him. Oh goodness. His name was Don Sylvia. He was a hoot. Turns out that he was a tv repair man back in the day before he retired. Well, when he retired he still had a bunch of people's tv's that he was fixing in his garage. He planned to just give them back one by one after he had fixed them, receive his payment, and be that much closer to being done working. Well, none of them came back to pick up their tv's after he had fixed them. Some of them have been sitting for 10 years! He showed us all the tv's that he had in the house and it was ridiculous. Some 20 odd televisions that he had repaired and were just sitting there. We asked what he was going to do with all those tv's. He said, "All THESE tv's? THESE tv's aren't the problem. It's THOSE tv's out there that are the problem." He then took us out to two different workshops out on his property in the which were over 200 television sets each! A sea of televisions. I'll have to take pictures the next time that we go out there. It was ridiculous. To make a long story short he is going to sell our investigators a tv for really cheap. Tender mercies? I think so.
Friday I got to exchange with the zone leaders, so I was back in Longview. It was really weird to be back in an old area. All of the members that we went by to see remembered me, so that was pretty cool. I got to eat dinner at CiCi's pizza which always brings back good memories from New Mexico. Just wish that I was allowed to go in and play the arcade games like Dad and I used to play. But alas, I am a missionary and probably shouldn't play games that you have to kill everyone that pops out at you to win the game. My first thought when someone pops out at me is, "They need the gospel too, right?"
Saturday we exchanged back and that is when we got the truck. Ever since then we have been the talk of the town. We actually fit in now, it's kind of funny. People respect us a lot more just because we drive a truck. Ha ha ha. It almost makes me want to get boots just to see people's reaction. But then I think to myself, "Worth it?....NAH!" Saturday was also the day that we got to meet with Vanessa Mothersell again. She was the lady that we saw in the hair salon that said, "Are y'all Mormon missionaries? I think that y'all have a book I need." Well, she and her 3 children decided that it was time to get going with the lessons again. I couldn't have been more over-joyed. As we left the appointment the youngest of her children asked, " when are we getting baptized?" Ha ha ha. I love being a missionary.
Sundays always seem to be the best around here. We had 15 investigators come to church. That is the most that I have ever seen in my entire mission. On top of that we had one of them go up and bear his testimony of what he had been taught. He said, "I'm a little different than most people. A bit more country than most folks. I don't understand any of them fancy scriptural words or nothing, so don't expect me to use any of those today. I might not be the smartest man in the world, but I know when something's right or true. I know that what the missionaries have taught me is true. I know that what they teach changes peoples' lives. It's changed mine forever, and I thank them for that. I love them more than they know." As I sat there just bawling away I remembered the quote by Brigham Young about "a man without eloquence." It was one of those experiences that you just can't accurately describe. At least in attempting you don't do it justice. I wish that y'all could have been there to see him.
This week is going to be even better. John Jacklick is getting baptized on Saturday and I just can't wait. I will have to tell y'all about it next week. Stay safe while you are up in Wyoming. Don't let Alisha ride the ATV. Tell Shannon that she is a poophead and I miss her. Tell all the kids that I miss them and love them.
Tell the WHOLE family that I love and miss them. Can't wait to talk to you next week, still as ELDER MCNINCH.

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