Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010 Letter

Dear Family,
     Sounds like y'all had a busy week.  This week for me wasn't all that busy but it was a really good week.  We had the Valverdes show up to church yesterday.  They are a family that hasn't been to church in like a year and their daughters haven't been baptized.  We now have them scheduled to be baptized on the 30th!!! So that is really cool.  There are three daughters, two of which count as convert baptisms.  So that is two baptisms for the month of October.  Then we also had C come back to church again and said that she wanted to get baptized on the 6th of November instead of waiting til May 1st.  We happily agreed to set it up.  So that is another baptism.  Then we also have two more dates that are set for the month of November.  That will be five in less than a month's time if they all go through!  Cool huh?!?
     Glad to hear that the Seegmillers talked to you.  Sister Seegmiller has been writing me like 3 letters a week since last week.  She is really nice and sends me letters.  Ask her to give you Jordan and Kasidy's addresses on their missions.  Then you can give them to me. =)   
You saw Oliver?!?  What is that boy doing with his life?  Tell him to get his butt on a mission!  Tell him to write me too!  What the poop, he should be gone already!  The Savages don't go out of town often.  I know that there was a baby blessing last week for their grand daughter, so that's prolly why they weren't there. You do know that Natalie is at BYU right?  You know that is why you prolly haven't seen her around too often?  Tell Matt that he is a bum for not writing me back. 
Not cool man.  Tell him that I want a picture of this girl he is "SEEING".
     So there wasn't really too much to report on this week.  It is getting harder and harder to write in my journal every night.  I am like 4 days behind.  The only thing funny that happened this week was when this old couple picked us up from a zone meeting.  They picked us up and the old lady started talking to us.  "Sorry that we are late boys, we are just (FART!!!) running a little behind today."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I tried so hard not to laugh at this extremely elderly woman who was so kind as to come with her husband to pick us up, but it was so hard to hold it in.  I'm pretty sure that she didn't even know that she farted.  That was what made it even better.  Pretty sure her husband knew that she did though.  I could tell by the grimace look that he gave as he looked over at the front seat.  HAHAHA!!!
     -Elder Michael McNinch
PS-  I like sour patch watermelons, swedish fish, starbursts, and skittles
PPS-  If you could go trough my boxes of stuff and find my holy bible box and send me my four by four rubix's cube I would much appreciate it.  I figured out that the rubix's cube is a great object lesson for active member lessons.  Especially when there are kids there.  Their minds pretty much explode at the end of the lesson when it is solved.
PPPS-  Yes I did go on a Sea Camp trip to Catalina my 8th grade year.  BUT!!!...I paid for the entire trip myself from the money I got helping dad with painting jobs.
PPPPS- If you could send me more stamps that would be great. =)
love you bye!

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