Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 22, 2010 Letter

Dear everyone, this week was interesting.  My companion and I were sick...aka not fun.  Being sick on a mission is like being grounded as a kid.  The rule is that if you have thrown up or have a fever you cannot go out for 12 hours.  We were up in the morning ready to go, check Elder Lyman's temperature...and we can't leave.  Grand.  We're getting over it now that is good.
     In other news, I tried to wax my face last night as to avoid shaving for a couple of weeks...yeah that didn't work out.  I guess the hair is just too short or something...whatever...dumb wax.
     My money...okay so we have this magic card called the JP card.  We are alotted $140 a month for groceries and stuff.  The 140 is what's left from the 400 that is paid by us.  The rest of the money is used for housing and what not, but I don't have to deal with I don't.  Basically when I spend money on my account it's only when I have spent too much money on groceries and crap, or when my card doesn't work.  That happens all the time.
     My companion is from Riverside, California.  He likes everything that I like and hates everything that I hate.  Country music included. =)  For thanksgiving we're eating with 4 different families.  I think that I am going to explode.  Oh and people here don't call it stuffing.  They call it dressing.  When you say stuffing they have no idea what you are talking about.
     Glad to know that everything is going well at home.  Everything out here is finally picking up.  We have 3 new investigators and are committing them to baptism this week.  Wish us luck!
     So I am finally getting into the Book of Mormon.  Remember how I hated reading?  Not anymore!  I'm getting the chronology of the BOM down now so everything finally is making sense to me.  I seriously cannot stop reading.  It fascinates me that I could be so intrigued by Never before, but now it is amazing.  By then end of my mission I want to be able to give a summary in my own words of the chronological events that take place throughout the Book of Mormon.  It's a lofty goal but it is really fun to piece together....sorry I am a nerd.
    Oh Harry Potter.  I seriously only watch that to watch Dobby.  He's so funny.  Oh!  The other night I did my Smegal impression for Elder Lyman.  He didn't really like it because all of the lights were off and he couldn't see me.  Anyways...the work is good.  The church is true.
Love ya,
-Elder McNinch

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