Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011 Letter

     You all should be getting my letters to each of you soon!  Umm okay so yeah I am trying to budget the best that I know how.  I still hate that dumb little transaction list for your balance that you have to fill out every time you make a purchase.  UGH!  So annoying!  Anyways...
     So no I never did get the package from Mary...did she send it here?  Transfers are coming up on the 29th so anything that you want to have get to me make sure that you send it by the 24th otherwise it might not get to me.  This is still the only address that you can send stuff to me at because the mission office still cannot forward mail.  Maybe that is where Mary's package is at?
     So at Walmart they have these things called memory card rippers...I think that will work for the videos.  They are a little USB drive that you can put the memory card into and it will load it onto the computer at home.  Then you can save it to a disk or what not.
     So this week was pretty good.  We didn't have anyone at church which was a bummer but we found this sweet less active part member family.  They love everything that I love.  Guitar, singing, fast cars, quoting's sweet.  It's like you guys except not as good....and they are less active....and they like to mountain bike....which we all know from the mountain bike ride at the Lewis' that one year, that mom doesn't like to do that.  So really they are no where near as cool as y'all but it's least for being in the middle of nowhere.
     Pssh mom!  Don't even complain about the church schedule!  Our church schedule is as follows:
8:00 am- Ward mission council for the 1st ward
8:30 am-  Ward mission council for the 2nd Ward
9:00 am- 1st ward sacrament
10:00 am- 1st ward gospel principles (which we teach)
11:00 am- 2nd ward sacrament/ 1st ward priesthood (we split)
12:00 pm- 2nd ward gospel principles
1:00 pm- 2nd ward priesthood
2:00pm-  Lunch
3:00pm- Study
4pm- Companionship study
5pm- Dinner
6pm- 9pm- Less active visits and appointments we gave talks in the second ward on Sunday.  20 minute talk...not bad...not bad.  Longest talk that I have ever given ha ha ha.  Oh dear...anyways....I love you all and hope that you have a great week.
Elder McNinch
ps- still waiting on the 4x4 rubix's cube

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  1. I am tired just from reading Elder McNinch's schedule!