Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011 Letter

My talk last week was on missionary work. (duh)  Yeah Sundays are really kinda crazy.  I am glad that you got all of my letters.  I hope to hear from all of you soon.
Oh dear so this week was kinda crazy.  Every week is kinda crazy.  We just tract, find some insane people, and then tract some more.  Oh!  This Sunday we had one old man collapse (he was diabetic and hadn't eaten) during Elder's quorum and another old man fart right in our faces.  Not kidding!  Stood up to separate for the different quorums and right as he stood up (FART), right in our faces.  I felt the wind.  Terrible.
So some of the people that we found this week were George (black, blind man), Selena (George's friend), and Cody and his wife Sheacon.  They are all pretty sweet.  They all have a baptism date so that is really cool.
I am glad that Gladys is talking about accepting other cultures.  Goodness.  These crazy Texans could definitely be more accepting.  Ha ha ha.  Just playin...kinda...I would LOVE if the choir came to Dallas!  I doubt that I would be able to come and see it but if I were in that area I might be able to...I don't know...
YES!  You found the box!  Okay well whatever cube is in there send it to me.  I am pretty sure that it is a 4x4.  I don't think that I had a 6x6 but yeah.  It is yellow, red, white, green, blue, and pinkish.  That is the one that I want.  Don't touch anything else in the box!  It's where I want it when I come back.  I took pictures of everything that was in there so I will know if something is missing!  Ha ha ha just kidding...maybe...
So as I said before this week is transfers so be sure that the letters or package is sent by tomorrow otherwise it won't get here in time.  Yay!  I got Mary and Ben's package!  The music is so good!  I love it all!  I don't know what you did to those pecans Mary, but you need to tell me how to make more of them because....they're gone now... and I got them two days ago...
So like I said all of our baptism dates are for February which is kinda a bummer because I might get transferred and then I wouldn't be able to see them.  Whatever.  I have had some really cool experiences lately though.  Like, Planning Day (Thursday) last week we were going to try and see this women who is investigating the church.  Her mother had just been hospitalized and was being transferred to the hospital that is right down the road from us.  We decided to go find her there visiting her mom and offer our help if we could do anything at all.  The whole way over there I had this overwhelming feeling that we were going to have to give a blessing and that was why we were going to the hospital.  I said to my companion,"Hey I don't know if we are going to be able to find Mary S (investigator whose mother was at the hospital) but I know that we are going to have to give a blessing.  Whether it is for Mary S's mother or not, we are going to have to give a blessing."  He was like okay, sure, whatever.  We get there.  No such luck finding the poor women.  We sat there for like 5 minutes and in walks a member of the 3rd ward.  He said,"Thank goodness you are here!  You must have gotten my message." He said,"Well I called you guys to come help me give a blessing to my father-in-law."  Turns out that he had called the other missionaries in the area and they couldn't answer because they were in a discussion.  We never got a phone call from them.  We never got a phone call from this man.  We just happened to be in the same hospital, in the same waiting room for him to find us.  After we gave this man's father-in-law the blessing, we got a call from the Zone Leaders (the other missionaries) and they asked us if we could go help someone give a blessing at the hospital.  Ha ha ha
There are no coincidences in the mission.  The Lord just works in pretty cool ways sometimes.
Love y'all,
Elder McNinch

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  1. Totally got chills reading about knowing you were going to give a blessing and how it all came about. There are no coincidences. The Lord puts us where he needs us, when he needs us.