Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 letter

     1.  Still do not know who Morgan Davis is.
     2.  It is from Bruce Almighty
     3.  I cannot believe that Oliver got his mission call to London.  The punk stole my mission!
     4.  Last name of the finance would help.
     Ha ha ha oh dear Mr. Snyder.  His class was hilarious.  Did he say anything about how I didn't pay any attention in his class?  I'm sure that he remembers me sleeping a couple of times.  Ha ha ha oh Kevin Breke.  That kid is so funny.  Tell him that I say hi if you see him.
     So our six new investigators live in the GHETTO!  Like...bad.  We helped the family move in last week and we are going to give them a call this Wednesday to see when we can see them.  The Grandmother is the sweetest Hispanic lady that you ever did see.  She has like 3 teeth and they are all gold or silver plated.  So sweet.  She is Hispanic but don't let that fool you, neither her nor her children speak Spanish.  Let me just tell you that I am so excited to teach these people.
     So Saturday we were out doing service and we get a call from this part member family.  The mom (non-member) says that she wants me to baptize her daughter on Sunday.  I have only met this family like twice, not to mention that I have only ever seen this little girl once.  So yeah, kind of weird but whatever.  So we go to the baptism yesterday and there are like 40 people at this baptism!  Crazy!  So the baptism was all well and good, then I went to go and change.  I get in the bathroom and...I forgot an extra shirt.  Great.  So I am drenched chest to toe and I have no change of shirt.  So I am stuck.  I knew that there was a closet in the church that had some extra shirts and stuff for investigators if they don't have any church clothes; BUT...that was down the hall and to the right of the bathroom...which was past the open door of where the baptismal program was being held.  So I can't just run out in my g's I have to improvise.  Mom and Dad...if it weren't for all of those origamis that I had made during sacrament I don't think that I could have ever figured this out.  So I went and got some paper towels.  I folded them together to make what looked like a shirt collar.  Then I tied my tie around it so that when I put my suit on you couldn't tell the difference.  Then I casually walked down the hallway to the closet, found a white shirt (WAY TOO SMALL) threw it on and went back into the meeting.  It was pretty epic.  The ward mission leader was like, " Are you telling me that this little 8 year old girl was able to dry off, change clothes, and braid her hair before you got back into the meeting?"  To which I simply took off my jacket and showed him the deacon size shirt that was tightly stretched across my upper body and said," It took me a while to button the shirt up".
     Yes I did get the email from Buffie.  Ask her for some tips on how to convert Baptists.  If we found the secret to teaching Baptists we would have at least 140 converts a week.  Something just doesn't compute.  Maybe it's them or maybe it's us...I don't know...but we would love advice.  Did you tell her that Oliver was going to London?  Isn't that where she served?
     President Romney asked about me?  How does he even know me?  Do I know him?  I talk to Landon Roberts every Prep day.  He is in the Fort Worth mission which is just the bordering mission.  The only time that I would see him is if I was on the very western border of my mission and he was on the very eastern border of his.  Then we would only be divided by a street ha ha ha.  So we'll see.
     Transfers are on the 12th.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the Lord is going to leave me here for one more at least.  I don't know.  Apparently I haven't learned what I was supposed to learn in the last 2 transfers before this so he kept me here for a third; but nothing has changed since last transfer, so if we are sticking to past precedent then I'll be here for the rest of my mission.  I'll let you know on Monday if I am getting transferred.  The office is forwarding mail again so if you don't send it today or tomorrow send it to the mission office address.
     I love you all very much.  The gospel is grand.  Start telling me where you all are at in your family scripture reading and I'll read along with you and write you about it.
 Elder Michael McNinch
ps- tell oliver to write me and when does he leave?

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