Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011 Letter

     Loved the quote from Knight's Tale.  Oh and the pebble one is Ever After obviously.  So this week we are emailing at this member's home that missionaries live with in our zone.  She is the nicest lady ever.  We do laundry over here and we email.  Ballin!  So  I was talking with this member and she was saying that her son was serving the Tacoma Washington Mission.  I was like NO WAY!  That's where Jordan is!  So turns out that her son is the assistant to the president there and knows Jordan pretty well.  Small world.
     This week wasn't half bad.  We have had so many appointments cancel on us it wasn't even funny.  Then again conference was this week so that made up for it.  This conference was pretty interesting.  The Saturday sessions were pretty straight forward and general but then Saturday night came and priesthood was like BAM!  OATH AND COVENANT BAM!  It was so cool.  The presidency gave the last three talks and it was awesome.  I almost peed in my pants from the excitment.  The apostles are getting more and more funny from the pulpit.  President Eyring and President Monson were the funniest in priesthood.  "If you haven't read the Book of Mormon...READ IT!" - President Monson  Ha ha ha I was dying.  Definately put a new emphasis on the priesthood and made me study it out more.  It is amazing how much the scriptures contain and we just don't read into it.  I loved how they related the priesthood to a school or an institute of God.  That was pretty awesome.  I think that it was Uchtdorf that said the preisthood is a training for our potential as sons of God.  That was pretty deep.  Hahaha.
     The highlight of this week was obviously conference.  Other than that I have nothing much to report on.  The work is way fun.  I think that this is the one time in my mission that I am actually excited to tract.  Ha ha ha you just meet so many people that are absolutely insane it's great.  I love being here.  It is hilarious.  I did receive my ipod so thank you very much.  I enjoy listening to my piano concertos while doing my work outs.  =)  Please thank Kami for the package.  I was in dire need of sweets.  Well.. maybe not...I think that I am at 180 lbs right now...maybe I'll save those for later. you bye!
Elder McNinch
ps- shirt size is 16. =)
Quote: "Buzz's girlfriend, wuff!"

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