Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 6, 2012 letter


Glad that y'all figured out the whole email thing. I was getting kind of worried that my emails weren't getting to you. I enjoyed getting an email from Aunt Enner last week. It was much appreciated. Please know that I love and miss all of you dearly.
I did get your really large packet in the mail. Glad to see that everyone is doing well. I love how Shawn and Michelle's family had 3 surgeries in a two week period. That has to be some kind of record. I loved seeing all of the pictures of everyone. It made me really happy. I'll have to make a list of addresses that I need so I can write all of them and see how they are doing.
I interrupt this email to tell y'all that the man that is sitting in front of me is listening to "Hot-blooded" by Foreigner and dancing his heart out. Ha ha ha. I am about to pee right in my pants. It's really funny because he is Hispanic and doesn't really know what the words are, so he is just kind of singing whatever comes to his mind. It's even better because he is using headphones but the music is up so loud that everyone around us can hear it. Ha ha ha. Okay...back to the letter.
Brent and Brittany got to meet President Durrant?! That's so awesome. Really crazy that they are in my mission. Transfers are coming up...who knows? Maybe I'll have another east Texas experience.
Jordan Miller is home huh? That must have been a pretty sweet talk. I bet that the girls in the ward were all swooning, weren't they? Elder Miller is such a stud. I love that kid. Glad to know that he is home safe now. No more freezing cold winters in New York.
So y'all have a new Elder. Where is he from? It seems like y'all have had a lot of foreigners. That's kind of cool. Everyone always freaks out when I tell them that I am from Las Vegas. They always say, "...no really...where are you from?" Ha ha ha...I'm a missionary...I don't lie! It's kinda funny. We have this girl who is getting baptized on Saturday who says the same thing. She told me yesterday at church, "When I first heard that one of my missionaries was from the city of sin I had to ask myself How can someone holy come out of the city of sin?" I thought that the statement was funny in general, but even more funny that she called me Holy. Ha ha ha. I have been called a lot of strange things on my mission, but never Holy.
So I understand that stamps are up to 45 cents now?! What is up with that?! Doesn't the government know that missionaries all over the US are outraged!?! I handed the letter to the teller at the library post office today and he said, "That will be 45 cents" I said, "What?" Then he explained that it is now 45 cents a stamp. I feel like my world is closing in on me. My companion just had to buy four 1 cent stamps to put on all of his letters today. Seriously?!? We need to get Romney in there fast so he can fix this mess. He'll go to bat for the missionaries for sure.
This week was fun. Getting everything all set up for April Feliciano's baptism. She is so excited. Her boyfriend is the was that is going to baptize her. He keeps telling her that he is going to hold her under for a while to make sure that she gets all the sins off. She is so scared of drowning which makes it all the more funny. She is also terrified of public speaking so we keep telling her that she is going to have to get up and bear her testimony at the baptism. She is hilarious. She is so ready to be baptized. I have never seen someone so giddy.
I don't really have much to report on this week...oh...I...uhh...broke the car...BUT! Other than that, everything is all good. "What?! I didn't brake it...I was just testing it's durability." But really...I broke like the smallest piece of the car. It was like a side taillight and just the plastic covering broke. They're trying to tell me that it'll cost $76.00to fix!!! I was like WHAT!!! No way. I'll figure it out. Don't worry.
Okay, so after the baptism and such I will send home a memory card so that you will have some beautiful pictures of your wonderful son. Other than that nothing much to say. The church is still true no matter how many crazy people I meet that set out to prove the church wrong. No matter how many people try to bash with us, it's still true. "I love my mamma very much, now you know that!"- Waterboy


Elder McNinch

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