Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 Letter

   So you spoke in Sacrament meeting huh?  I had to speak last week on missionary work.  I decided before hand that I would just let the spirit guide my talk...yeah...not a good idea.  I don't even know what I said.  I got some compliments on it though so it couldn't have been that bad.  Elder Olvera did really well...probably because he prepared...wiod how that works.  How are the missionaries in our ward?  Are they weird?  Cool?  Apostate?  I never knew how many missionaries don't do what they are supposed to.  It's sad really.  We had this kid that just got home from his mission in our ward come out with us last night.  He feels so weird.  I don't know what I am going to do IF I come home.  I don't even think that I'd want to go out with the might make me cry.
     So...funny story for this week...  We went to go and see this man that apparently has moved into the ward from Africa.  Well, we are going there on specific assignment from the Bishop to figure out some confidential matters that I cannot express over email.  Anyways, we go to his apartment and he answers the door...WAY heavy accent.  Turns out that he is from Ghana, not that it really matters, I thought that he said Kenya.  His accent was just really hard to make out.  So we start talking to this man about his journey to America and why he came here.  He goes through the whole story and then proceeds to tell us that his son who was 25 years old was just burried last week.  My companion pipes in and says, " Well, congratulations!" I looked at him like...WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THINKING!?  The African man was in complete shock and awe.  He repeated himself again saying that his son had been burried the week before and again comes my companion with," COOL!"  So I had to repeat what the African man was saying to which my companion's face went completely red..." I thought you said MARRIED!!!!  I AM SOO SOO SOO SOO SORRY!!!"  I was dying laughing.  That's probably one of the worst mix ups that I have ever seen.  I almost peed myself when we got to the car from how much we were laughing.
     I talked to my mission president about Brent taking us out to dinner.  He hasn't responded yet so I don't know.  Tyler is really far away so I don't know that that will happen but's worth a shot.  So I have now been in this area for about six months.  That is the longest that I have ever spent in any area of my misson.  The people here are awesome though.  Honestly if I left after this transfer I would kinda be upset.  The investigators that we are teaching are awesome.  We had 3 investigators at church yesterday and two of them were black.  Yeah, that's right!  One of them we have been teaching for a while now and the other we just started teaching maybe a week ago.  So funny though.  The guy that we have been teaching for a while was making sure that the new guy knew where all of the classes were and how to read the hymn lines and everything.  It was was awesome.  Then after Sacrament he asked us if he and his wife could make dinner for us one night this next week...uhh....YEAH!
     This was the third week in a row that my companion and I have had to teach in Gospel Principles and Elder's Quorum.  Pretty rough lessons if you ask me.  Especially in the Gospel Principles when it goes through the Restoration.  The line "...their creeds are an abomination in my sight" was tough to explain to a bunch of non members.  Luckily I had the talk that Elder Oaks just recently gave to our mission on my mind and so I paraphrased what he said.  Have to admit that I would much rather do that than have to teach the primary about Chastity again.
     This week went really well over all.  We talked to a lot of new people and set a lot of return appointments so that should yield in a lot more people to teach.  Other than that there isn't much else to say.  Tell Kasidy that she owes me a letter from DECEMBER!  Tell Jordan when he gets home that he is old.  Tell Ryan not to poop his pants this school year.  Tell Patrick that he is going to get married to this little girl in my ward because she is the cutest thing that I have ever seen.  Tell Dad that although taking pictures of mom when she is not ready for a picture is fun, taking them when she doesn't know you are is better.  Tell Shannon to stay off the sidewalks and stick to the streets (if she ever drives again).
LOVE Y'all,
Elder McNinch
2854 Beltline Road #293-T
Garland, Texas, 75044

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