Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011 letter


     Okay so I don't have a email from y'all this week so I guess that I will just write back to the email of last week.  So...yes I did sprain my ankle.  I was injured...injured bad.
     OH MY GOSH RYAN!  Ruined the bathroom on the airplane huh?  That's bad news man.  So how old are you now Ryan?  Like 30 or so?  Dang kid you are old.  Well...I know that I am late...but I hope that you had a happy birthday.
     Oh a Disney World.   HA HA HA HA.  It's really weird that y'all went there.  Reading about it reminded me of the choir trip that I took to Florida my senior year.  Good times good times.
     It took 4 hours to get through the canoe trip?!  Where in the world were you?  That's slightly crazy.  This whole "not allowed to swim" thing is getting kind of old.  Like, I never really liked swimming anyways but at the same is SO hot here.  For a while there we were chasing the record for most consecutive days over 100.  We only missed it by two.  We still might beat the yearly record of days over 100.  It is so crazy.  I really don't even care how gross I look any more.  Hopefully people will start having some mercy on us and let us in.
     Good news.  We don't have to part our hair anymore.  Bad news.  We are not allowed to play guitars at member's homes anymore.  Not even if you are just playing hymns.  Don't ask me why.  It doesn't make sense at all to me but whatever.
     I have decided that I need to stop playing basketball and tennis for awhile.  They are both kind of driving me insane.  I never get to write any letters on P-day because we are always playing basketball for like 4 hours.  Then on top of that we play tennis every morning at 6 am and I am kind of tired of waking up a half an hour earlier than the rules say I have think that I am done with that.
     Okay so here is an account of last week and the week before that.  So we had that Stake President Report the other week where the Stake President called out like 3 or 4 of the missionaries in our zone.  Pretty much saying that they were lazy and they needed to be transferred out of his stake.  So last week we had 2 elders that were transferred mid transfer and then this week is actual transfers.  I don't know if I will be leaving or not.  I have been here for six months and am the senior zone leader.  So either they will transfer me out somewhere random and have Elder Olvera (my companion) take over the zone; Or they will leave me here and put him somewhere random.  I don't know what is going to happen.  I will let you all know Sunday night.
     Last week we got a sweet referral from the Spanish sisters that live within our boundaries.  His name is Mike and he is awesome.  We started talking to him about truth and how he is always searching for more truth in his life.  Well...we can help you there.  We talked to him for an hour or so on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he was just dumbfounded.  He was so excited to get a copy.  He said that he would be baptized if he found the Book of Mormon to be true.  Well...that sounds good to me.  He can't come to church for the next few weeks because of work but he is already requested to have Sundays off.  We were so excited.  Finally someone who actually wants to listen and will set solid return appointments with us.  It is a true blessing.  My companion and I have been fasting that we would be able to find someone that could get baptized in the next month and then the next day we got Mike as a referral.
     On a more non-missionary note...the other day we were on exchange.  Elder Littlefield was with me and it was like 110 outside.  We took our lunch break at about 1 o'clock and decided that we needed to find a shaved ice place.  Well...we found one...a HUGE one.  The thing is two stories!  And the snow cones are about that size too!  We both got 64 oz snow cones.  They call them Texas Blizzards.  Anyways...the snow cones were a great idea to cool us down...but then the sugar crash came.  I think that I almost passed out a couple of times when we went back out to tract.  Moral of the story is...when it is hot in Texas...just grit and bear it.
     The same day we were on exchange we saw this old man.  Now when I say old...I mean OLD.  Like 90's to 100.  So don't take offense Grandpa.  Anyways...this old man was in the middle of the road just riding his bike around in circles very slowly.  I thought that he would have toppled over because of how slow he was going but he seemed to stay up some how.  He had those big, bright yellow headphones with the antenna on them, complete with booty shorts and a pink tank top.  If only I had my camera.  This man deserved an award.  Remember it is like 110 out and this guy is just riding in circles in the middle of the road.  Took us a couple of honks but eventually he saw us (notice that he didn't hear us, he saw us) and got out of the way.
     To tell you the truth I don't really remember anything about this last week.  I remember getting a letter from Grandma and from my good friend in Vegas that just got baptized...but other than that it was just a blur.  I am not doing so well with the journal thing either. I think that I am like two months behind or so.  I need to step it up, otherwise I won't remember any of my mission.  It'll all just blend together.
     Okay well I love y'all very much and I cannot wait to hear from you next week.  I promise that I will start writing in my journal more so that I have more stories to tell y'all. you bye.

-Elder McNinch

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