Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 29, 2011 Letter


Ryan...don't you worry buddy. I have had something for your birthday for like 6 months man...I just didn't send it because I didn't know if I was getting transferred or not. The mail is being stupid again. SO DON'T WORRY!!! Your big brudda gots yo back. I know how the forgotten birthday feels.
So...about transfers...I am being transferred. They said that I will be staying as a Zone Leader but just be in a different area...guess we'll see where the Lord calls me. Obviously I do not know where I am being transferred to so I have no idea what my address is yet. Transfers make everything crazy. I have been here so long it feels like I am leaving home again. All the members in the ward are so awesome. At least I am leaving with a bang. We found a ton of potential investigators and set a baptismal date for a man that we have been working with since I got here. Unfortunately I will not be able to see him baptized but you best believe that I will be getting some pictures of it. I will definitely miss the missionaries that are in my zone. I love each one of them. We're most likely going to have like 10 or 11 return missionaries staying with us when I get home...just letting you know.
So you finally got dad on camera huh? HA HA HA That is so great. Could you send me a clip? I would love to see that. I don't think that I get very loopy after surgery. Guess that you would have to ask Olivia O'keefe about that one. I am pretty sure that I saw her the other day too. She said that she would be moving to Texas shortly after I left so...I don't know if it was her for sure but...it looked a lot like her.
Speaking of recording things, last night we went to the Ver Hoef's and Brother Ver Hoef recorded me and the girls singing Come Thou Fount. It was really fun. I think that he posted it on Youtube so you can go and watch it if you would like.  They are easily THE coolest family that I have met on my mission.
Shannon's friend moved in?! What the?! Replacing me already huh? And with a GIRL nonetheless!!! Ha ha ha just playing. Well now I need a picture of all of you. It's like a new addition to the family...I would like to know what my new sister looks like.
Did you ask Ms. D if she had gotten that choir music for me yet? I would really like those. I am kind of getting tired of listening to the same thing over and over. So please ask her the next time that you are in there if Matt gave her the letter I sent in December and if she needs a new list of the music that I would like.
.....okay...gotta pack...BYE!


Elder Michael McNinch

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