Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 Letter

Umm...why in the world is Ryan so large in all of those pictures? The kid is HUGE! Man, y'all are lucky that you get to go play in the water. I took a bath the other day just to make it feel like I was swimming. Really all that it did was make me feel weird so I drained the water and took a shower.
So yeah...the Barnhouse's are very well off. What is interesting to note is that their house is one of the smaller size homes in Frisco...uh huh...yeah...I'm talking huge homes. Mammoth homes. Tracting here is the most interesting experience. The humble people here still make 6 figures. It's slightly ridiculous. The people are awesome though. I really haven't found any rude people least no more than any of my other areas. I think that Frisco will end up being the best area in the mission.
Speaking of areas in the mission...did Brent catch the names of the two Elders that he ran into? I know a lot of the missionaries that are out east right now so it would be interesting to know who he was talking to. I'm sure at some future conference I'll have them come up to me and say something.
Also speaking of areas in the mission...I have found that in each of my areas I have had some crazy connection to the people that are there. Whether it was Dad's ex girlfriend, Sister Jones brother in law, Rex Lewis' cousin, Robert Honeycutt's sister, etc. Well...I found one in Frisco not but a week since being here. LYNN L. WOODRUM!!! Ha ha ha! I was going over the names of the high council representatives for each of the units in the stake that we cover and I saw that name. Lynn L. Woodrum. I was like...NO WAY! That's crazy! It couldn't be him! Well, I called him that night to talk to him about the Colony 1st ward and low and behold it was THE LYNN L. WOODRUM former member of the wonderful Quail Ridge Ward. He was blown away. First off that I even remembered him and secondly that I was on my mission. He was like, " What are you doing out here boy!?!" Ha ha ha. We had a good laugh about it for a minute or two and then he invited me over for dinner when we go on exchange with the Elders that are in his ward. Ha ha ha. I just thought that that was the craziest thing ever. I FOUND THE WOODRUMS! So I will definitely have to send y'all a picture when I go over there.
This week has been kinda crazy. We have been running around trying to gather all of the information for this stake report. We were supposed to report to the Stake President this past Sunday but it got canceled. Guess when we found out that it was canceled? Saturday night, after we had spent about 10 hours throughout the week working on it and putting into the new format that the mission president gave to us. Awesome huh? So this week we thought would have been a lot better but we have 3 MEETINGS THIS WEEK!!!! We have a leadership training, then a district training (we have to train), then we have a specialized training for all of Dallas and the surrounding areas in the mission. So yeah...each of the meetings are necessary it just takes a lot of the time away from the work. Kind of stresses me out. Anyways...
We found 5 new investigators this week so we are doing really well. We are steadily picking up the area and the zone so we are excited to see progress. Other than that we are having the most fun of our lives. I really never thought that I would have this much fun working in my entire life. So...funny moment of the week. My companion is Elder Jordan Jones of Kanab, Utah. He is the most awesome and Christ like companion that I have ever had. We got this referral from the temple saying that this less active girl (28years old) needed a blessing. I was on exchange for the blessing so that is a whole other story. We go back a couple of days after the blessing to follow up with her. She has had a super hard life and is really trying to overcome a lot of things. So we dropped off this church care package. It had a Book of Mormon, Finding Faith in Christ DVD, and an addiction recovery program. Whilst jotting down her information my companion was making small talk. The conversation went a little something like this:
Elder Jones- "So where do you work again?"
Girl- "Umm...I'm actually retired." ....remember she's mind- "WHAT?"
Elder Jones- "Okay so...where did you used to work?"
Girl- "Well I was a dancer."... about 0.5 seconds after she said that my mind went, "Oh no! Not good!" But...the innocent Elder Jones didn't quite understand still so he proceeded...
Elder Jones- "REALLY?! What kind of dancing did you do?" my mind- "Oh dear...this is going to be awkward."
Girl- "...the bad kind"
-Shock and awe-
Elder Jones- "So here is your Book of Mormon, Elder McNinch, what would be a good chapter for her to read?"
Ha ha ha it was one the greatest most awkward experiences of my mission. It was something that I will never forget.
Bottom line is that Frisco is awesome. I love my mission. I love Elder Jones. I love the Barnhouse family. I have to sing at the specialized training on Friday. Nervous as all get out (quotting PaPaw). I will have to tell you how it goes. I love y'all very much and I cannot wait until you send me more pictures.
Peace, Love, and Church
-Elder McNinch

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