Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 5, 2011 Letter

Hello from Frisco,
Yes, I am in the wonderful city of Frisco Texas. Home of the richest of the rich. The other day my companion and I were coming home from a long day and stopped to talk to some kids that are in the alley behind the house of the member we live with. They were just sitting around "waiting for their night to start". We started talking to them and come to find out that one of their names is Michael Irving. I was like, "No way man! Like the football player!?" He simply said, "Yeah...that's my dad." Ha ha ha. Yep...I met MIchael Irving's son Michael Irving. Ha ha ha. Hopefully we can start teaching him soon. That would be way fun.
So yes I am in Frisky Frisco the Disco Texas. It is awesome. It is just starting to cool down here and that has been wonderful. We might actually go outside today...YAY! So my new companion is Elder Jordan Jones. He is from Knab, UT and he is hilarious. I love this kid to death. We have so much fun together. Funny story actually. Elder Jones got transferred here last transfer, so when he was coming back into the city from being out east, he stayed at my apartment in Garland. So I pretty much already knew him and everything which was way nice. He plays basketball, baseball, and football so we get along just fine.
This is the first time that I have ever lived with a member family on my mission. Their name is the Barnhouse family. Yes I know...interesting name,,,but they are absolutely awesome. Brother Barnhouse reminds me a lot of Rick Magness, So funny. Sister Barnhouse is an amazing cook. OH DEAR is she a good cook. She made us homemade waffles today...I about passed out. HUGE WAFFLE!!! Strawberries, homemade syrup, you name it...it was on my waffle. I am so full right now. I think that her cooking is going to push me up and over the 180 limit. That is my record weight for the mission thus far but I am pretty sure that she could help me break it. I am especially prone to gain weight now that I am not running in the morning. Elder Jones has a wicked nasty ingrown toenail and yeah...can't run. Not for a week or so at least...we'll see.
Really I am just so excited to be in this new area. A lot of people in the mission think that this area is cursed or something. Just because tracting into really rich people all day doesn't yield much doesn't mean that the area is cursed. It just means that you are dumb for trying the same thing that hasn't worked over and over again. Even then I don't really understand because Elder Jones and I have only tracted like 12 hours total this past week and we found 6 new investigators...so I am not really understanding the Frisco curse. Whatever. Elder Jones and I will baptize everyone in sight and the rest of our Zone can sit around and say that they can't do any work here.
So Ryan started sem sem huh? Gotta love it. Sister Kochevar is his teacher?!? Lucky punk. She is so awesome. You have to tell her that I say hi. Speaking of the Kochevar's...you never gave me an update on how they are doing. How's Casey? Engaged? I bet she is! So Shannon didn't go to all of her summer school...wow..surprise surprise. Shannie...you just need to focus on it. Focus hard on school...graduate...then get married to a sweet return missionary that makes ballin' money. That's the plan for you Shannie. I'll help you. I know a lot of sweet missionaries that would be willing to take you out on a date when they get home. Nice clean cut guys with sweet parts in their hair. OH YEAH!
So I found that you miss movies more when you live with a member that can watch movies whenever they want. Kind of tempting but... not really. The Barnhouse's have a 14 year old boy and he is a nut. I love that kid. He reminds me a lot of Ryan. Running at about a million miles an hour at a time. Ooo man. Good times.
Well that's about it I will leave my address for you at the bottom and yeah..."I love you so much." (preceeding quote: "John?...where are you going?")
-Elder McNinch
ps- address is:
5130 Carnegie Drive
Frisco, Texas, 75034
as far as g's go...it would be nice to have at least 3 more pair beacause their are more than 5 days in the week and I need one pair to wear while I am washing. =)

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