Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012 Letter


Do you share these emails with the family? It sounds like you and Dad don't really share what's going on in the letters. Ha ha ha. For information on the BYU football game see the LAST letter that I sent to you MOM. Ha ha ha. Oh dear, so this week was pretty awesome. Here are the details...

Monday wasn't all that exciting. Same old, same old. Wake up, study, shop, play basketball, write letters.

Tuesday was really interesting. We tracted pretty much all day. Not kidding. We have a couple return appointments from it so it wasn't all for naught. I would say that the best parts of the day were when we met a man named Page. Page said that he wasn't interested in what we had to share but that he had a question that no one could answer. He started off and said, "So, baptism. Was that a Jewish custom? Because, I mean, John the Baptist was doing it even before Christ came to him right?" We of course agreed. Then he said, "Okay, so Jewish custom or not, why did Christ get baptized? Wasn't he perfect?" We just sat there and were like...there is no way that you just said that! Have you read the Book of Mormon?! "No, I have never even heard of that." Oh man...okay NEED to read it! It answers that question. We gave him 2 Nephi 31 to read and set a return appointment. We are so excited to go back this week. The next experience was in the lesson with the Villa family. The little girl Savannah (11) is so smart. At the end of the lesson was asked if there were any questions. She said, "So, if we come from God, if God is our Dad, where did God come from? Does he have Dad?" We were like...uh...well...uh...What do you think? Ha ha ha. I mean we can respond when adults ask us that question but it was so weird to hear it from an 11 year old. I mean, when I was 11 I was just wondering what was the best way to pick my nose without getting caught. Savannah is pondering the mysteries of life. This little girl is probably the most spiritually inclined kid that I have ever met in my entire life. It was awesome to witness.

Wednesday was great. We had interviews with President Durrant. During the interviews Elder Dunbar and I train the Zone on the new focus for the month from Preach My Gospel. It went...okay. Interviews were great as always. I go in, he asks if there is anything we need to talk about, I say no, he says 'thank you, how is your family', I say good, he says great, and I leave. Ha ha ha. I love President Durrant. He

Thursday we had a crazy day. In the morning we went and studied with Brother Amidon. He is the brother that broke his hip on Thanksgiving. He is recuperating quite well, but it is pretty rough for him. We asked if we could come over every Thursday and study with him during companionship study, and he said that he would LOVE to study with us. Ha ha ha. I love Brother Amidon. Things are really hard in his life right now but he has the most positive outlook. After studies we went to the city of Allen for a doctor's appointment. Elder Dunbar had to have the bottom of his foot looked at. Turned out to be pretty bad. He has a HUGE blister on the bottom of his foot now. Tracting is pretty rough. Wanted to get crutches but they are super expensive. Thursday night we had two dinners...BAD IDEA. One was the normal dinner that we had with the Stroud family. I love the Strouds. They are like the epitome of a missionary family. After that wonderful meal we went to the Cavitt family. The father is the only member and the other members of the family are Catholic. They are an awesome family! The kids are hilarious. Anyways, so we had dinner and then came dessert. Blue Bell chocolate chip cookies and cream ice cream. OH MY LANTA. Couldn't resist. Pretty sure that I gained 10 lbs that night. Doesn't help that we can't run in the mornings anymore either.

Friday was so funny. We ate dinner at the Stelling's house. Both Brother and Sister Stelling are converts to the church and are the sweetest people alive. They have 4 kids, one girl and three boys. Sound familiar? By the way, Elder Dunbar has a sister and two brothers as well...wiod. All of the Stelling kids are under the age of 10 so dinner is a RIOT! Ha ha ha I love it! After dinner we of course we shared a scriptural thought. Brother Stelling asked his youngest who was squirming around, "Who are those guys?!" The boy said, "It's the Eldoorths." Ha ha ha Brother Stelling asked, " So what do they do?" Without hesitation the little boy said, "Pee pee." HAHAHAHA! We about died laughing.

Saturday was AMAZING! We had the baptism of Nicholas Alves. He is 9 years old and has a more solid testimony than some of the missionaries that I know. We spent most of the day preparing for the baptism, but it was completely necessary. We got to the church to fill the font and found that the font was full of dead bugs...great. So we clean out the bugs and decide that we should probably scrub out the bottom. Oh dear. That thing hadn't been cleaned in a while. Anyways. So I turn on the water for a minute or two to wash out all the cleaner and junk only to realize that the plug in the bottom of the font was closed. All of the water and junk was NOT going down the drain. But now the drain was covered by the water which was too deep for me to just step down into. So I had to abandon the shoes and socks, hike up by suit pants, and drain it out. It was so weird. We got pictures of it that we'll have to send to y'all. The baptism was amazing though. We had a talk by Nicholas' step father on the Restoration and Joseph Smith, then a special musical number by Nick's primary class (tear jerker for sure), and then the actual baptism. So spiritual. Then to top it all off, we had 3 sets of fathers and sons go and bear testimony while they were changing. It was so AWESOME! After the testimonies I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and relying on it to guide our lives. Then we closed in prayer. Short, sweet, simple, spiritual.

 Sunday was a great day. I got a lot out of each of the lessons. Figuring that I should try to find something different in each lesson, because I get the same lessons 3 times throughout a six hour period. Two of my favorite quotes that were used were.

"Patience is actively working toward a goal."

"I believe in God like I believe in the sun rise. Not because I can see it, but because I can see all that it touches."- C.S. Lewis

Okay, so to address a few things...need some stamps. Also, I am going to send home a large box. You have to promise me that you will not open it or look inside it, okay? I love y'all SOOO much and wish you the happiest week of your life!

Elder McNinch

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