Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012 letter

Hello Family,

This past week has kind of been crazy. Sorry that I didn't get to write y'all last Monday. We were running around all over the place with appointments and what not. Anyways...we had transfer calls this past Saturday and sadly I have lost my companion. Elder Jones is now an Assistant. Couldn't think of a better Elder for the job. I will definitely miss Elder Jones. I haven't gotten my new companion yet though. I don't get him until tomorrow. His name is Elder Dunbar. He has been out for about 20 months so he is either going to be super hard working or super lazy. Ha ha ha hope that it's the first. Honestly he sounds like a great Elder so I am pretty excited to work with him. He has never been a Zone Leader before so this will be the second Zone Leader that I have trained. I have been a Zone Leader for a year now. A YEAR! ISN'T THAT NUTS! Ha ha ha. It's really not that big of a deal to me anymore.

So on Friday of last week most of our mission got to go to the BYU game at SMU. IT WAS AWESOME!!! BYU won in the last 40 seconds! They faked a spike and threw it in the corner. It was beautiful. Speaking of beautiful (not to sound like I am distracted), guess who they had the missionaries sitting right in front of at the game? The cheerleaders. WHO'S DUMB IDEA WAS THAT?! It was slightly ridiculous. Like, they were all down there doing their splits and high kicks and what not, trying to get the crowd all pumped up and we were just kind of sitting in the stands trying not to look at them because we felt like we were apostate if we did. So despite the lack of cheering and chanting from the missionary section BYU still managed to pull off a win. OH! Even better yet! Before the game we got there early so that we could try and figure out how to get into the game. We saw a bunch of blue and white tents and said, "Hey! BYU fans! They can tell us where to go." No sooner had we headed for the blue and white tents when the whole cheer leading squad came running out to us. Apart from all of us about peeing our pants, we had no words to say either. We were all struck with terror; That if we were to speak God might strike us down or something. they come over and start talking with my companion and I and 3 other missionaries. I suppose that they came because my companion was so good looking. The first thing that they ask of course was "Where are you from?". Their comment to me: "Ooo, a Vegas boy huh?" Good gosh. In my mind I was like, "Please just let me watch the game. That's all I want. Just get me in the game." But...alas, they continued to ask questions. "So how long have you all been out? Oh! Wait! More importantly, which one of you comes home first?" I was have got to be kidding me. Low a behold, guess who just happened to be the oldest one in that group of missionaries. Yup, that's me. So the conversation got shoved from awkward to uncomfortable. They asked for a picture with all of us. Ha ha ha. I thought that that was so funny. Five missionaries with the cheer leading squad. Oh dear. It gets better though. So Elder Evans (my temporary companion) goes to church last Sunday and gets this. "Elder Evans! I saw pictures of you at the game!" "Sister Wells, how did you get pictures from the game?" "Oh my niece is one of the cheerleaders in the picture that y'all took! It was all over her Facebook." HA HA HA!!! I was dying! If President Durrant ever comes across those pictures we could be in deep trouble. I thought that it was soo funny though.

Other than that there is not much to report on. We SHOULD have 5 baptisms this month but the Montague family is really struggling. It's kind of hard to teach someone if they don't answer the phone or door. I am trying to be more obedient. I feel like I am but I want to try to be more obedient. All I know is that obedience brings blessings and I definitely stand in need of the Lord's help in this area. Glad to hear that Jake is finally engaged. Took him long enough to find someone. Ha ha ha just playing. Can't wait to meet Kelsie and welcome her to the family. I am sure that New Year's really opened her up to the McNinch family way of life. Now if she can get past Grandpa Syl it'll be smooth sailing from there on out.

So wait...are we going to Yellowstone or Florida? Where are y'all getting all this money? Good gracious. Aren't those trips expensive? Not complaining, just saying. Okay...well sorry that this email is a little bit shorter than normal. I hope to write y'all a super long letter next time. I love you all very much and I hope that you have a great family night tonight.

Peace, Love, and Church

-Elder McNinch

PS- Send stamps please? =) Also...where are the letters from Gladys?

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