Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 letter

Hello Family,

So I don't know if you got my letter last I sent it to you again. The new companion is great. His name is Elder Dunbar and he is from Zillah, Washington. So awesome. Ha ha ha yes, just like it's spelled. Like godZILLA. He even said that there is a church in Zillah called the GodZillah church. Ha ha ha.
Umm, school? Yeah I guess that I would consider going to school in Florida. That is a super far way to go. I guess we'll have to see if I can get any scholarships or whatnot. I don't know...where ever is cheapest. Ha ha ha. That's how all missionaries think. I sent Dad a list of schools that I would like to learn more about two letters ago so you can consult that list. As well as look up some schools in Florida..I guess.

That Quail Ridge party sounds awesome. I will for sure tell Bishop Woodrum about it. Did you get to see Brett Leavitt? What is he up to? Is he married yet? I thought for sure that he wold be the first to get hitched. Ha ha ha. They still have the youth temple trip picture? Oh man, my hair was redonkulous in that picture.

I love that song. How can I be, like my brother Nephi...etc, etc? We played that as a special musical number in one of the zone conferences. I don't know how to play it. I just had a list of chords in front of me and kind of went from one to the other when the poly kid I was playing with changed notes...sounded okay though. I think that Kaitie is working on getting me the real chords.

Okay so here's last week... 

We played pool at the Elder's apartment in the Frisco 2nd and 6th wards. That was a lot of fun. For whatever reason pool is much more fun when you speak in a British accent while playing. We were rolling on the ground laughing because we all sounded like idiots. Missionaries are just weird, don't worry about it.
We ate dinner that night at the Herrera's. They are hilarious. Somehow we got on the subject of children and working in the primary and nursery and brother Herrera says, "Oh yeah, I like kids...well done with BBQ sauce." Ha ha ha. Guess that explains why they have no kids.
We had our first officail zone meeting with the new zone. We had introductions and it was a lot of fun. We put up a timeline on the board that had marks at 6, 12, 18, and 24. You had to go and sign your name on where you were in the mission. It was hilarious because my new companion, Elder Dunbar, is the oldest. He is at about 20 months. One of the newer missionaries gets up there and says, "Well, my name is Elder Evans. I have been out for about four months now. Four months goes by really fast, doesn't it Elder Dunbar?" Ha ha ha we were all dying laughing.
 In the evening we taught the Villa and McGuire family. They were both really good lessons. With the Villa's we taught the second half of the Plan of Salvation and invited them to come to church. We are really hoping that they are going to start coming on a regular basis now. For whatever reason it is really hard for them to come. The Mcguire family's lesson was way fun. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a white board. Drew out the pitfalls of life and how we use the Gospel as steps to get out.
Wednesday was kind of a bummer day. We were trying to figure out how we could best help the YSA branch here. We thought...okay...lets go near the college campus and try to find some YSA investigators. Turned out that that apartment complex was chuck full of old people. Not young single adults.
That night we went to dinner with recent convert named Matt Fichtel and his fiance Stephanie Mullin. They are so funny. We had a lengthy discussion about gay rights and stuff because Matt likes to talk about controversial things. Never ceases to amaze me how smart both of them are. Like, if I could come up with half of the rebuttals and points that they do, I could be a really successful lawyer.
SUPER AWKWARD DAY. All of the lessons that we had tonight were really awkward. Taught a part member family where the kids didn't really care to listen to us. Then went out and tried to fellowship the inactive young single adults. Always find some awkward situation in which the girl that answers the door has less than modest clothing on. Then at the end of our night we had a situation that would take the whole email to explain. I'll just say that our investigator lied to us, the Bishop, and the President but we can't do really anything about it.
We went to the Lopez family's for dinner. Brother Lopez is training to be a chiropractor, so you know that we got hooked up with a free back adjustment. I was all sorts of jacked up he said. For dessert Brother Lopez made us this Razzleberry pie. It was like taking bites of the Celestial Kingdom.
We then went and taught the McGuire family again. The lesson was way fun. We taught the Restoration with Jenga. Built up the tower, played the game like normal, then related it to how Christ set up his church with the foundation of apostles and prophets. (Eph. 2: 19-20) Then we taught about the apostasy and how the foundation of Christ's church was taken away. We explained that all of the blocks that made up Christ's church (the gospel of Jesus Christ) was broken into pieces and different churches were set up in attempt to replicate Christ's original church. Then of course talked about the Restoration of Christ's church through a prophet. It was great. The kids loved it. They were giving us fistbumps and high fives all the way out the door.
We helped a sister move. She was an elderly woman and had no idea how to get to her new apartment. At least she knew the name of the apartment complex. Good thing that the Elders that live in Prosper live right next to her. That was a big help.
In the afternoon we went by a bunch of former investigators. People that have just dropped off of the face of the Earth. We went by this one girl who hadn't returned any of our phone calls or been home when we went by. Well, we tried one last time and she was there! She came to the door in a tank top and boxer shorts...great. She said, "OH I'm so sorry! I changed my number and forgot to transfer y'all's number to my new phone." I said, "Oh, okay, sweet. So what's your new number?" As I took out my pen and planner she took them from me to write the number in herself...weird. So I made small talk while she was writing. "So you've just been busy with school or what?" She said, "Yeah. School and work." Now when we had taught her before she hadn't found a job yet, so I was way excited to hear that she had found one. I said, "Sweet! So you're working now? Where are you working at?" She replied, "Victoria's Secret." Umm...uh...umm...uh. Okay...we'll give you a call...later. Bye. Ha ha ha. I had nothing to say to that. I felt really weird. I mean, I don't know that we should go back. I don't know if we can go back. I mean, she's 19, works at Victoria's Secret, and is no where near ugly looking. Not that missionaries seek to teach those who are ugly, but I think that you catch my drift. That's like missionary kryptonite. Not that either I or Elder Dunbar would fall to something like that, but still. Dang. Nothing much else happened that day. Spent a lot of time tracting and contacting.
LONGEST DAY OF CHURCH IN MY LIFE! Wow. We had ward conference and it took forever. We were in the first meeting for TWO hours straight. I have never ever battled head nods more in my life. I got so tired that I had to start creating lesson plans in my head to stay awake. I can now relate every Disney movie that I have seen to the Gospel.
 Well, That was my week. Glad to hear that y'all are doing well. Hope to get a letter from y'all soon. Please don't forget that I am in dire need of stamps.

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